6 Replies to “An Analysis of Scott Hastie’s early work by Aria Ligi”

  1. Thank you again dear Aria for your precious time and such well informed literary attentions. Once again your sharp critical faculties and insightful perceptions, not least the way you organise your exposition to bring key themes to the fore, allows you to shed light on my work quite like no other. You are truly such a precisely honed jewel in the firmament of literature whose time will surely come. With much gratitude and respect…

  2. Dear Aria, I’ve attempted to login my review. However, we’re experiencing meltdown, life has gone beyond a joke. Our environment has deteriorated, racism is running high. The car has been attacked. We’re condemned for being English, Loving kindness

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  3. Aria Ligi’s review of New Poetry shows how brilliant an interpreter of poetry she is. She taps into the deepest vein of Hastie’s Romantic-Era-inspired verse, providing the laymen a way to mine what is most precious. She begins at the surface descending with surety through a myriad of layers toward the pith festooning Hastie’s poetic imagination. As many composers of the late 18th and 19th centuries realized, beauty at its most profound level is often associated with the deepest sadness. Ligi’s read of Hastie’s collection, New Poetry, validates the truth in this. Bravo Aria Ligi! Bravo Scott Hastie! J. John Nordstrom, https://twitter.com/NordstromJoe, author of A Thing With Feathers, National Indie Excellence Award Finalist 2021 for Romance, https://www.indieexcellence.com/15th-annual-finalists

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    > From: Robert Cole > Date: 31 December 2021 at 11:48:24 CET > To: Susie Reynolds > Subject: Re: Annunciation > > Heraclitus’ Epiphany – A Book of Hours > > O mystery of mysteries the world is a beautiful picture in aerial perspective > Under the chair of Cassiopeia; intergalactic travellers on blacklight flight, > > Blinding meteors orbiting Kamooalewa seen from an island in the ocean > Orbiting the tellurian galaxy of Jupiter, crisscrossing Equinoctial – > > After Lucretius’ vision seen from the Atlas Mountains, told in Memphis; > In the woods of Thessaly returning to Ithaca, via Alexandria > > Jewellery of the night sky; a tiger eye crossing the river Brahmaputra; > Chaldean astrologers traversing the sun, moon goddess Ursa Major – > > Ptolemaic prophecy of the archimandrites’ shadow the stars > Gabriel’s visitation in a courtyard, a myrrh tree; chrysoprase > > In the penumbra of a cedar of Lebanon, in the marriage house of Judaea > The king of heaven is conceived of the ghost of the Kosmocrator; > > The spiritual landscape:- fragments of lapis lazuli in golden section, > A book of hours leafed through with unicorns & lions; Fata Morgana. > > > > Sent from my iPad > >>>

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    > From: Robert Cole > Date: 1 February 2022 at 16:22:13 CET > To: Richard Spisak > Subject: Re: A little cosplay > > The lion of Judah > > The prophet Mohammad’s spirit > From Japheth & Gabriel > Crisscrossing the mountains > > To celebrate harvest in Chaldea; > Mesopotamia; Gaza > In the time of Nebuchadnezzar > > Since the Babylonian exile > Travelling back from inferno > Under the shadow of the swastika; > > Returning from Ophir > In the purlieus of Jerusalem: > Pharaoh’s tombs in the forest > > To the hills of Golgotha > The desert full of deadmen’s bones; > From ziggurat to pyramid – > > Palanquins of emperors > Kohl-eyed concubines: > Searchlights cross in the midden; > > Behemoth in the morning light; > Licking honeycomb > From the wounds of the lion. > > Infernal judge, Rhadamanthus – > Scattered atoms of a people > Travelling from shoreline to isthmus; > > Eternity elapsed singing hallelujah ; > Returning to the half-lives > A nuclear apocryphal script shalom – > > No alienation or annihilation; > Freedom from scavengers hunting > Our luggage; believing in Zion. > > The secret is peripheral > In the woods of Krakow > Hidden in the outskirts of town > > The railroad tracks lead to a destination > Imprisoned in our psyche > Fly away as a fritillary, ashes scattered > > Our connection with the Earth > The obscurity of smoke > Ghosts familiar as photomontage > > On the field of Megiddo > Sutures from the skull of a prophet > Clouds gather from Sahara – > > The curse of the Pharaoh, > Tutankhamen in his chariot > Ziggurat to Ararat – a whirlwind > > Scattering ashes from Holocaust > In the setting sun underworld > Persephone raising in the Springtide > > In the hills of Golgotha in the aftermath > The moons of Jupiter Venus Urania > Astrologers scry from the Atlas Mountains > > Chaldean philosophers from Ur > Witnesses of the sacrifice of Adonai – > An immolation of angels beyond judgement > > The forest is a labyrinth through which > Psychopomps led souls to the fire – > Apocryphal documentary proof positive > > The trial of the twentieth century > Transportation to Egypt by order > Exile to uncertainty in limbo > > Nauseous stink from the chimneys > Yellow light blue ghost illuminations > Overlooking the camp perimeters; > > Searchlights cross the moon – > Magellanic Cloud showers > Intergalactic travellers from beyond > > Burning windows open to the dust > Chocking smoke of bonfires > Mementoes of echoes from spirit > > Squandering living souls > Without forgiveness, not forgotten > Delivering a SOS via psion > > The lion of Judah king Solomon > Spinning the astrolabe on its axis > Recalling Paris reminding the heart > > Cosmic revelation beforehand > Watching the night sky > From the Thousand Islands > > An apocryphal script from beyond > In the voice of a harbinger > No war on the shoreline of Megiddo > > The skeleton of the constellations > Scattered atoms of the beginning > We’re all one; footprints in the sand. > > > > > > > > > > > > Sent from my iPad > >>>

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    > From: Robert Cole > Date: 22 March 2022 at 11:09:52 CET > To: David Constantine > Subject: The lament of Io > >  > > Sent from my iPad > > Begin forwarded message: > >> From: Robert Cole >> Date: 22 March 2022 at 10:33:47 CET >> To: rwspisak@vivaldi.net >> Subject: Re: Tyros, the Mermaid who rescued a GOD >> >> Erratum; Celebrating the birth of Venus Urania. >> >> Sent from my iPad >> >>>

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