Encomiums for Editing

At times it seems that the essential something is missing from one’s poetry. Sometimes, when one is trying to execute a complex idea, it is difficult to be objective about it. Indeed, one can end up with a great deal of unnecessary verbiage. I feel that Aria, with her meticulous eye for detail, manages to transform it into something very magical; something that flows rhythmically & is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Not only does she have an exemplary understanding of Romanticism, but she is able to use it creatively and critically within the context of the modern world. I thoroughly recommend her editing services.

Dominic Windram,

M.A; B.A; Cert Ed.

I heartily recommend your service Aria Ligi. Your input has always been very important to me, and has improved my writing a lot. You have great perspective and overview of works that not only improves them structurally, but in their impact and effectiveness in conveying meaning.

Jerry Swartout

Aria Ligi is a very patient and serious editor. She carefully reviews each sentence and examines every detail and structure of the work, taking her time to correct all errors. She delivers honest advice as to how to create the best manuscript. Having experienced her editing skills many times, I can truly say she has changed the way I write and the way I approach my stories and poems. I think more on detail and sentence structure and remember her editing advice every time I write. One of the things I adore most about Aria is her kindness. She is not the type of editor to be harmful to the writer and make the writer feel hopeless. She does everything she can to make the work she edits shine and come to life the way the writer imagines it. I recommend Aria whole heartedly for this reason. I guarantee anyone will be pleased to work with her work.

Ashlie Allen

Aria Ligi’s meticulous editing to the lyrical prose in my debut novel, A Thing with Feathers, greatly enhanced it in style and gave it a fluidity it had otherwise lacked.  The manuscript now reads much more cleanly, evenly, and smartly.  She has a knack for choosing just the right word or phrase demanded for the prose context.  Her editing made the novel pace better and read more smoothly with fewer words.  She really does understand the precept that less is more.

With respect to poetry, she has edited several poems of mine, which have been accepted for publication in good poetry journals.  She continually offers helpful suggestions regarding better word choices, more appropriate similes and/or metaphors while maintaining reverence for the overall structure of the poem. At the same time she never loses sight of the objective of beautifying and enriching the poem while respecting the author’s original intent and goal.

Anyone interested in her services will be working with an inspired, accomplished and very gifted editor.  I recommend her editing services, for prose and poetry, to the world without reservation.

J. John Nordstrom

Twitter @NordstromJoe

To anyone seeking a good editor, I have had the honour of using Aria Ligi as my editor on a couple of occasions. Aria is very professional at what she does. Her suggestions are always helpful and often lead to improvements. Any questions you may have regarding grammar or spelling, she has the answer for you. I highly recommend this editor to anyone who is looking for one.

S.E. Laker

Twitter  ShazLaker

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