A Master of Classical Form

I have recently completed an absorbing extended reading of this fascinating, deeply challenging book of fine poetry. It is always difficult to put one’s deepest responses to a profound reading experience into words, but here are mine, at least for now: As an author, poet, and therapist myself, I was fascinated with Ligi’s poetic exploration of loss and healing in life. In these classically based poems–both in form and in reference–Ligi serves up without hesitation the issues of damage, trauma, transformation, and renewal, but in an unexpectedly random order, much as life itself serves it to us. Ligi is a master of classical form and understands well the trajectory by which classical themes have become so–because they tell the truth of life without stint. These are not easy poems, just as life is not easy. But they are beautiful and they are True.
Diane Cox McPhail, author of The Abolitionists Daughter

One Reply to “A Master of Classical Form”

  1. With the individualisation of emblematic characters from history Aria Ligi has embroidered a tapestry in hemistich that’s metric is cinematographic with precision of imagery: contemporaneous & instantaneous; as Pound said poetry is news for all time.

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