Je Vous Embrasse!

I kiss you, I wrote
my dear sweet mama
I kiss you tenderly!

Perfidy! Calumny!                                                 
Lies! Deceit, Intrigues,
Machinations wielded

so prettily between parchment
entreaties, chastisements, belittlements
and sycophancy!

I spin, as one doing the gigue
feathered in breaths and brocade
the lilting of delicate promenades

within mirrored halls
silken balustrades, pied-à-terre,
ensconced nooks, havens of finery

I hear myself
Not as you would, I see myself and listen to the voices within

Temple of Love Poems for Marie Antoinette

Copyright 2014© Aria Ligi from Temple of Love: Poems for Marie Antoinette
Mighty Muse Productions

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