Editing Services


I have been editing for over forty years. Editing is more than knowing where to stick a comma in or delete a word, but indeed it is the means with which to shape your work so that when you are done you have created something which is not only unique but that will, in the end, live throughout time. Therefore, it is essential that throughout this process I am able to help you not only fashion your work, but offer strategies which will challenge you as a writer, build a bond of trust throughout the creative progress, and ultimately prepare you to take your work to that all important next step of publication.

All this being said, before you submit your work to me please peruse the following recommendations:

  • Review your letter for typos and fluency.
  • Ask yourself does it convey what you wish?
  • Have you done everything you feel you can up to this point?
  • Genres that are accepted: Poetry, novels, short stories, or screenplays.


Proofreading: This includes reviewing and making corrections for cosmetic errors such as grammar and syntax. Modifications of this kind are twenty dollars an hour.

Copy Editing: This entails improvements in style, formatting, and fluidity. There are three forms of copy editing:

  • Light Editing twenty- five dollars per hour.
  • Medium Copy Editing, thirty- five dollars per hour
  • Heavy Copy Editing (In which entire sections must be rewritten for grammar, style and consistent fluidity) which is fifty dollars per hour.

Content Editing: This is the most intensive kind of editing since entire sections may need to be revised. The fee for Content Editing is sixty-five dollars an hour.

When submitting, please make please use the following formatting:

  • 5 spacing
  • 12 pt. font size
  • Do not underline titles in poems
  • Clearly, separate poems using ‘insert page’ after each poem.
  • If you are submitting a short story or novel, use the above guidelines, as well.
  • If you are submitting poetry, please send only two to three at a time.
  • If you are submitting a novel, only the introduction or first chapter, making sure that it is no more than 800 words per submission. Anything longer, and I will not reply.
  • If you are submitting a short story, depending on the length of the story, forward the entire manuscript, or the first three pages. Please do not send more than 800 words per submission. If you send more than this, I will not reply.
  • Finally, please go over grammar and spelling as best you can before submitting. This will save both of us valuable time.

As with anything, good work takes time. It is my desire to make your work shine by highlighting your unique voice, no matter what genre you chose. Therefore, I hope we can work together towards that common goal.


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