Hammer of God Skillfully executed, passionate poetry – not for the faint of heart!

Aria Ligi’s Hammer of God tackles difficult, raw topics and takes the reader through a gamut of emotion with skillfully arranged visceral and sensual poetry. From the soul-breaking pain of betrayal (Hammer of God section) and loss (Missive Mourn) to the poignant Prime Mother and altogether cool Faery Fluting, the author combines literary prowess and passion with astute observations.

Most impressive to this reader was Cookie Dough, with its insightful, “…Yet we stand above, At the larder of life and judge what is, as less than. We lament the loss…”, and Vesper Bell, which reminds us of the tragic effects of misplaced suspicion.

Researching the occasional archaic word as well as the life of Lucrezia Borgia is worth the extra reading. Hammer of God contains exquisite artwork and terrific one-liners. Highly recommended (for adults only), especially for poetry lovers.

Kathleen Spalding, Author

5 Replies to “Hammer of God Skillfully executed, passionate poetry – not for the faint of heart!”

  1. Aria ligi’s Hammer of God is an insightful delightful work. The beauty of her poetry and the clarity of her truth astounding. Anyone reading this work will agree time well spent . They will be like me and read and reread this poetry frequently

  2. Aria Ligi involves us in the pleasures of a supra-sensitive perception. Her work is characterised by an unflinching adherence to challenging taboos, unveiling truths expressed in cadences that carry the emotive energy to metamorphose the psyche taking us down into the subconsciousness, where spells are conjured & potions drunk to their lees. The Romantic Series is transporting on the wings of poesy, the key being the delicacy of expression, a light touch, a musicality & imagery consummate in every strand, an extraordinary passion apparent in the very weft; the feel for texture in the fabric of language. –

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