It is a yearning thing
that velvet crimson

opening – steeped in rhythmic
waves and ebony silk

streetlights, stiff
as soldiers

salute us,
then withdraw                                                                                                                                                         

black leather
caught their eye

calling – card of a criminal
and the eyes camouflaged

behind black reflectors
searched frantically for-

my hand – oh, oh, oh
Raphael, they are siphoning

my lungs, which once filled,
sailed like mighty ships

now, are laid empty,

translucent blue veiny sacs
Oh, oh, oh Raphael
though my body sings entreaties

though visions of you and me, rape unceasingly
we are infamy coupling!

Those streetlights
stalwart and stern
patrol criminals, like us,

in muted, lambenting rays
uncovering darkness into light

Oh, oh, oh,
Raphael, even the Pan Am building

knows our names – They are
chiseled upon the pavement

as if we were ancient Greek rebels
with dour marble faces

and villainy was imbued in our blood
Oh, oh, oh

Raphael, they are artless!
How you paint me!

Each duvetyne organ; the mouth, the mouth
bronzed and thick with cream
Thighs, the channels of my being!

Oh, Raphael, in your black
black leather and ebony silk
your revolver is warm on my naked breast

Blood, Bone, and Stone, Copyright © 2013 Aria Ligi, Mighty Muse Productions

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