Excerpt from Vol. II of The Romantic Series, Commemorating Life: Poems for Samuel Taylor Coleridge

O’ Highland girl where art thou
Out within the meadow, dancing in kilt and corn
A flowering maiden ner forlorn.
O’ Highland girl, brightest dower.
Ye tore ablaze
A perihelion slicing thru the maze.
And netted verse, Plato er Milton.
Descending into sweetest Italian.
A conversazione at first recondite.
A meteor sparking and daubing the air
Then dipping the sheets with yr polemic fare.
O’ Highland girl the corn in the meadow
Woven kilt adorned,
Thou art a praeternatural Phenom.
O’ Highland girl Ye art a Literal balm!
Flush the fields,
Animate and wield the horn o’ the poet’s invincible song!
Copyright © 2014 Aria Ligi from Volume II of the Romantic Series, Commemorating Life, Poems for Samuel Taylor Coleridge published in October Hill’s Winter Issue 2018

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