Wordsworthian Tome

I am excited to announce the publication of several pieces from Vol. I of the Romantic Series, Hymn to Equity, poems for William Wordsworth on Sirius Editorial. These poems are centered around Wordsworth’s life and contain footnotes at the end, for the reader’s enhancement.

As we are living through unprecedented times, Wordsworth, his love for the land, and his heartfelt hopes for humanity remain salient. Whilst, many know him for his poetry, many do not know that he and his sister Dorothy, as well as their other siblings, were homeless for much of their young lives. This was a man who knew not only poverty but pain. He saw the French Revolution firsthand, was an enthusiast until he became aware that the cause of the people was being taken over by those at the top, making their movement one that spurred on unnecessary bloodshed and further inequalities that would plague France for years to come even after the revolution was over.

Environmentally, he saw the advent of the industrial revolution, the erasing of cottage industries for factories, and the raping of the land, through the invention of trains, as something which while modernizing society, would be to the detriment of the planet and all those who inhabit it. He was one of the first environmentalist poets of our time. (second after Petrarch who like Wordsworth an ardent alpinist and defender of nature and that that we all inhabit, this earth).

It is the hope of this poet that the work here may speak to you, that you may find common cause with him, and to that, that it may spur in you a feeling of connection, and the knowledge that what we are going through, is cyclical and in that truly we are not alone.