A Poetic Experience Par Excellence

Allegory of Justice, Gaetano Gandolfi, 1760’s, oil on canvas, Louvre Museum

“Poetry is not an end in itself but in the service of life; of what use are poems, or any other works of art, unless to enable human lives to be lived with insight of a deeper kind, with more sensitive feelings, more intense sense of the beautiful, with deeper understanding?” – Kathleen Raine

I can’t think of a better quote that encapsulates my experience with the book “Hammer of God”. The poems contained inside this volume are not the rantings of a febrile imagination, but a journey into the archetypal mirrors of human experience. We sit with them and see what they reflect back to us. The poems are beautifully crafted, with a toughness to look into the mirror and a tender beauty and mercy with what can be revealed.

I can’t recommend this volume highly enough. Rather than reading my words on the matter, I encourage you to soak up Aria’s words, it can only be to your benefit.

Steve L Borgelt

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