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  1. “How exceptionally rare that it is that a writer, poet, or indeed artist of any sort has a depth of vision (often brutally hard won…) allied to the technical ability and the courage to lay themselves purposively so bare! And, in so doing, successfully rouse such passion and insight amongst us… Aria Ligi can count herself comfortably amongst that group of brave luminaries… Such unique, powerful and inspiring work that takes us to the oftens grisly, sometimes glorious core of what it is to be mortal.”

    Scott Hastie, Writer and Poet, London. March 2019.

  2. Hammer Of God is just what this generation of poets needed. Each verse in Aria Ligi’s poems soak the soul with inspiration, delight and fascination. She refreshes us with her true poetic genius. Through her words, we get closer to ourselves and our own humanity. That is the true power of poet Aria Ligi; she knows how to penetrate your heart and leave an everlasting impact.
    Throughout Hammer of God, we are exposed to a variety of emotions. We as readers are left longing for the next page and when we dive into the next poem, there is a sense of becoming alive with her brilliantly crafted words. We are forced to reflect on ourselves and that is what is so beautiful about this book. It makes the reader feel as if you are not alone. Aria Ligi is truly an exceptional poet. By the completion of this book, I am confident all readers will be sad it’s over. This will be a book you will want to read again at any time. Be prepared. You will want more.

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