Highland Girl

(c) National Trust, Cragside; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

O’ Highland girl where art thou
Out within the meadow, dancing in kilt and corn
A flowering maiden ner forlorn.
O’ Highland girl, brightest dower.
Ye tore a blaze
A perihelion slicing thru the maze.
And netted verse, Plato er Milton
Descending into sweetest Italian.
A conversazione at first recondite.
A meteor sparking and daubing the air
Then dipping the sheets with yr polemic fare.
O’ Highland girl the corn in the meadow
Woven kilt adorned,
Thou art a praeternatural Phenom.
O’ Highland girl Ye art a Literal balm!
Flush the fields,
Animate and wield the horn o’ the poet’s invincible song!
Copyright © 2014 Aria Ligi from Volume II of the Romantic Series, Commemorating Life, Poems for Samuel Taylor Coleridge published in October Hill’s Winter Issue 2019

4 Replies to “Highland Girl”

  1. Aria Ligi’s ‘Highland Girl’ exhibits the ambience of the Hibernian setting in absolute Borderland Ballad tradition reminiscent of the lyricism of Robbie Burns,
    making it her own, it’s counterpoint her choice of linguist accuracy; a timely poem

  2. Outstanding, ever-lasting, brilliant. Your words never stop making an impact. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work with the world. We need your words.

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