2 Replies to “The Bees (Part Three)”

  1. Ligi’s Bees is a tribute to the bees of the world and a warning regarding how climate change could kill them all and consequently all of us too. She not only reminds us of how unfounded our primitive fears toward bees are, but also that human survival depends on bees’ surviving in a global eco-system, acutely dependent on bees pollinating flowers of the fruits and vegetables we and other animals daily consume. Ligi heightens interest in her poem by infusing a treatise–a curious polemic armistice between humanity and the bees–that summons us to love and to honor the bees for their contribution to the survival of all living things on the earth. In short, Ligi writes a poetic symphony that both entertains us with beautifully written Romantic-era inspired lyrical verse and impels us to reflect on the important, indeed crucial role, that bees play in the lives of all beings on the earth. Practically, Ligi’s Bees makes the case that the bees must be protected, if we humans do not want to kill ourselves and everything living on the earth. For Ligi, the bees, which people tend to dismiss instinctually as nuisances that can cause pain by stinging, are as interwoven in our bodies as they are in our souls.

    1. Excellent review!.it was a pleasure to read. I think that you have perfectly encapsulated Aria’s wonderfully imaginative poetry.

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