Having been born and raised in New York, yet at the same time living in a rural setting, I attained an early appreciation for both nature and the essence of cosmopolitan urbanity. I have been writing poetry now for over forty years, whilst at the same time penning screenplays, hundreds of film critiques and celebrity interviews.

At this time I have two books which are available on Amazon, Temple of Love: Poems for Marie Antoinette and Blood, Bone and Stone.  Moreover, I have been published in several magazines including: The Australian Times, the University of South Dakota’s Vermillion Literary Project‘s annual chapbook and most recently, Light Journal and Z Publication’s New York’s Best Emerging Poets Anthology. In addition, you can read my work on Poem Hunter

As the Editor in Chief of New Poetry an online international magazine, I have had the honor of working with Stan Lauk, whose style and fierce tenacity coalesce perfectly and make all our endeavors at New Poetry a joy beyond measure. Our latest issue is available at: http://newpoetry.net/, my New Poetry blog is at http://newpoetry.net/aria-blog.html  like us on Facebook , or follow me on Twitter at @arialigi.com.

Poetry is never found, it is never a happenstance; it is like a well-choreographed dance,  each word is a step, each comma a breath.  When it is done well, it is a symphony in which each mark upon the page resonates deeply within the reader, leaving them forever changed.